Machine Room less Lifts


مصاعد بدون غرفة

Elevators of this type are widely and widely used in bus stations, airports, multi-storey work centers and shops, in addition to buildings that provide health, cultural and educational services.
Architects and building designers prefer machines without an engine room in terms of comfort and also in terms of energy savings.
One of the benefits of elevators that do not have an engine room

- Its low consumption of space, contributes to reducing the occupied space within the building.
   Because of its ease of application, it is suitable for all types of facilities

- Because it saves 40% of energy, it is economical.
- Thanks to elevator machines that do not contain equipment, they do not come out and do not cause any noise.
- Machines without equipment in terms of working form can be trusted to the extreme, they are - - - silent and do not produce any annoying sound.
  Suitable for establishments that are full of people
 - Do not increase the statistical weight of the facility in which the elevator is placed.