About Us

Northern Elevators Company is one of the Saudi elevator companies. One of the organizations that rely on hierarchical integration based on the concerns of quality, cost and lead time, Northern Advance Company was established in 2002. It is concerned with providing a high quality product that increases customer satisfaction in every possible way. Northern Advance Company provides its customers with industry-leading elevators and escalators with innovative solutions for their maintenance and modernization.


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as elevator and escalator specialists for 19 years, and we can provide you with service such as installation, maintenance, inspection, repairs and upgrades for any type of elevator and escalator. Our organization supports our customers in every step of the way from design, manufacturing, installation to maintenance and modernization, in line with the current requirements of decoration, whether classic or modern style.

We are a private enterprise with a mix of professionals and technicians. Our team (Experienced Engineers, Trained Technicians and Staff) is qualified to help our other corporate clients (Partners of Success) manage the smooth flow of people and goods throughout their premises. Our team provides timely preventive maintenance, efficient repairs and personalized service. On the other hand we have a stock of more than 250 complete lifts ready to be installed and used.

From design to manufacturing, from installation to maintenance, we strive to meet individual customer requirements. Northern Advance Company provides service networks of well-trained engineering staff to customers working to provide perfect services as per the established business standards wholeheartedly. We have formulated and implemented a set of timely installation management processes and operating rules to ensure the convenience of our customers.